Y2Kaesthetic’s Trading Post: Returns, Refunds, and Some Straight Talk

Well, friends, as we all meander down the great river of life, we at Y2Kaesthetic fancy ourselves as trustworthy steamboat captains – navigating the wild currents of e-commerce with you on board.

Tinkering with Your Order: Now, we all occasionally suffer a change of heart (or perhaps, momentarily forget our spectacles). If you reckon you’ve made a misstep with your order, fear not! You’ve got a scant 2-hour spell post-order to rectify your course. Miss this window, and, well, there’s a little 30% handling tariff, on account of our steam engine already chuggin’ along.

The Ritual of Returnin’: Now and then, a product might not spark the joy we all yearn for. If you find yourself saddled with such a predicament, dispatch a missive to our fine folks at [email protected] within 30 sunrises of getting your goods. Paint us a vivid picture of your quandary.

Once we’ve had a good ponder over your note, we’ll send you the coordinates for sending the item back. Mind you, the journey back is on your coin, but we promise to guide your vessel smoothly through the process.

A Word on Colors and Such: Sometimes, gadgets and gizmos give a slightly skewed rendition of colors. So if your chosen item looks a shade different in hand, remember it’s the gadget, not the garb.

Now, What Can Be Sent Back? Your return should look like it’s fresh off the shop, tags and all, and must start its journey back home within 30 days. We’ll gladly accept it if we’ve goofed up or if the item’s got a hitch. But if you’ve gone and ordered the wrong size, especially when we’ve spelled it out, well, we might just have to tip our hats and say “Better luck next time.”

The Proper Way to Return:

  1. Pen down a note to [email protected]. Don’t forget your order details and the particular reason you’re sending it back.
  2. If the product’s playing tricks or we’ve messed up, snap a picture or two. Ensure your pigeon can carry the images, so keep ‘em light.

Settling the Account:

  • On Us: If the hiccup’s ours, we’ll either refund your coin or swap the item, taking care of the expenses.
  • On You: If you mistook inches for centimeters or vice versa, you’ll need to foot the bill for the swap. We’ll pay you back for the original item once it’s safely in our hands, but the shipping costs? Well, those are water under the bridge.

A Few Notable Exceptions: Our handshake promise doesn’t stretch to swimwear, those private garments, earrings, shoes, or any item where we’ve given you the measurements straight up. Exceptions? Only when the slip’s on our side. Anything sent back should look as if it’s waiting for its first dance.

Balancing the Books:

  • For Returns: Give us 3-6 days to mull things over once we get the item.
  • For Refunds:
    • PayPal: Wait a day or two.
    • Credit Card: Might be a week or two before you see your money.

About the Journey’s Cost: If you’re sending something back on a whim, the ticket’s on you. But, if we’ve goofed up and sent you a left boot for a right foot (or some such silliness), we’ll cover the fare. Rest assured, we ain’t hiding any fees up our sleeves.

Have a query or a tall tale to share? Send a raven (or just an email) to [email protected]. We’re all ears, eagerly waiting to lend a hand or share a laugh!