Shipping & Delivery at

On the Matter of Procuring Your Garments:

Time, that Fleeting Thing:
Some say patience is a virtue, others call it a nuisance. Your Y2K wears embark on a two-step dance: our careful preparation (Processing Time) followed by the journey it takes (Shipping Time). Combine the two, and you’ll know when to sit by the door in anticipation.

Sending Treasures, with a Few Exceptions:
Now, we dispatch our fashions to nearly all corners of this vast globe. Yet, for reasons various and sundry, certain South American regions, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela, don’t see our packages. It is a mystery, but also a necessity.

The Odyssey of Your Ordered Attire:

For the Patriots of these United States:

  • When? Anticipate your parcel in a brisk 5-10 days.
  • The Cost of Travel: A mere $4.99. Quite the bargain, I dare say.

For the Distant and the Exotic:

  • When? Between 8-15 days. Adventures take time, after all.
  • The Fare: A fair $5.99 to span continents and oceans.

In Greater Detail:

  • Places like France and Canada: A manageable 7-10 days.
  • The distant shores of India and Israel: 8-15 days. It’s worth every tick of the clock.

Note: Recall that the clock starts ticking when your apparel embarks, not when you’ve made your request. Adventures have their uncertainties, and deliveries, their occasional tardiness.

On the Subject of Coins and Coffers:

For Those Close to Home: No tricks, no additional tolls.

For the Worldly Travellers: Some lands may ask for their due in customs or duties. ‘Tis best to inquire with your local town crier or, in modern terms, customs office.

Of Multiple Packages and Their Independent Journeys:

Sometimes, in their enthusiasm, your items might chart separate courses to your abode. No cause for alarm, each has its own tale to tell. For inquiries and clarifications, consult our oracle at [email protected].

Thank you for choosing Y2KAesthetic, the fashion destination of discerning individuals. Need guidance? Assistance? A friendly chat? Reach our ever-ready aides at [email protected].